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The Churrascaria Pampas Restaurant is located on via Luigi Sabatelli 1 in Milan, near piazza Gramsci. The Pampas restaurant is a simple yet elegant location with two interior dining rooms, where diners can enjoy the aroma and taste of the finest meat, cooked over a fire. The restaurant also offers an outdoor seating area.

Without a doubt, the 100% Brazilian tradition of the churrasco is the most distinctive feature of the Pampas restaurant, ideal for meat lovers. This "rodizio" (all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse) serves a wide array of meats, including linguica (sausage), frango (chicken legs), alcatra (top sirloin) and other meat specialties.
Each entrée can be paired with a unique side dish, from the authentic Brazilian tradition.

The Pampas restaurant is also the perfect place to celebrate special occasions throughout the year: the management organises theme parties with special menus for New Year´s Eve and special events.

During the week, exclusive dinners are hosted with special offers for customers. On Sundays, the Pampas restaurant is also open for lunch with a menu featuring the famous Brazilian black bean soup, known as Feijoada.

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